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Overall condition of the paint ?
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Chrome condition ?
(rust, peeling, fading, perfect...)
Windows condition ?
(scratches, matte, cracks, original, replaced, like new...)
Trunk & floors condition ?
(sane, rot, rust, holes, original, replaced, repaired, etc...)
Interior condition?  Original?  Any changes?
(color, seats, dashboard, quadrants, radio, carpets, headliner...)
What options does it have ?
(electric windows, seats, adjustable steering, A/C, bucket seats...)
All accessories working ?
Was it restored ?
Did you do it yourself ?
Restoration type ? (ex: frame off, rotisserie, partial)
Any repairs to address ?
What would need to be address restoration wise ?
Did you keep some bills on file ? (repairs, parts)
When did you buy the vehicule ?
How many owners before you ?
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