Canadian vehicule to ship to

USA or Overseas?


We can definitely help you out !

With more than 750 vehicles traded and shipped across the Canadian border, we possess all the necessary contacts and the expertise to help you seal the deal and ship your vehicle safely.

Here is what we can do for you :


- Obtain multiple quotations and shipping options;
- Prepare the proper legal documentation for you as customs and broker paperwork;
- Keep buyer & seller in the loop to make everyone feel safe with the transaction;
- Coach you and guide you along the transaction process;
- Protect both parties from fraud and scammers;
- Etc.


Our fees and commission :


Our fees and commission vary according to the type of service and transporter selected by the buyer.  We will customize the best option for your needs.


Please contact us by phone (8 to 8 NY time) or email us for more information.