Want peace of mind?


We can help you out definitely!

With more than 750 vehicles traded and shipped across the Canadian border, we have the knowledge and the expertise to save you nightmares with your transaction and find your dream vehicle at a better price delivered to your doorstep!

Here’s what we do for you :


- Appraise quite exactly the final cost of your purchase before you buy;
- Make researches for you on the web (fees to be discussed depending on time and effort required);
- Secure the transaction;
- Negotiate terms and conditions for you in a foreign language;
- Have your dream vehicle pre inspected on site by a reliable third party if necessary;
- Find proper transportation at the best price;
- Take vehiclee of all legal documents in the import process;
- Obtain recall letters and fill in docs for the Registry of Imported Vehicles if necessary;
- Coach you until you register the vehicle with your DMV (SAAQ in Quebec);
- And more!


Why US ?


With vehicleimportexport.com, no surprises or nightmares.  Many importers will NOT give you the full picture when it comes to the fees involved for importing your dream vehicle in Canada; but WE DO.

With our experience over the years we have the ability to identify frauds and non-reliable sellers so we know how to secure most transactions and if we still don't feel comfortable, we will simply suggest not to proceed with the purchase and help you find a better-safer deal.

Our database of reliable contacts acquired over the years will help to put in place a secure transaction but also to obtain the best price for transportation, brokerage, recall letters, remote inspections and other fees related to your import.

Most of the transporters we deal with (more than 40) are not only reliable in their time schedule but also give us very competitive rates.  They are fully insured and very cautious in handling your vehicle in order to avoid transport damage.

Over the past decades, we also gained excellent knowledge on marketing through eBay, often allowing us to save you money and sometimes, to help you get the vehicle before anyone else!

Most of our customers tell us that our fees are mostly self paid by the money they saved using our services!


How it works :


If you have already found your vehicle or even bought it, we can take it from there and manage transportation, appoint the broker and prepare all legal paperwork and proper documentation for an easy transaction.

In the event that you are thinking about importing a vehicle and want to check prices and availability on the market, email us with the type of vehicle wanted (recent, antique, vehicle, RV, trailer, motorcycle, boat etc.) and we will forward you a list of web sites to browse into.

We direct you in the proper and safe manner of your transaction. When the time comes and verifications will be made, we will suggest how you should pay the seller and we will take it from there to complete the import process, again for a smooth and safe transaction.


Our fees :


We can take over at different stage of the transaction. Fees are 650$ for the complete door to door service. Brokers fees and transportation are on top and billed "at cost" to you. We will keep you updated all along entire process. We will take charge of any communications, produce all the paperwork and legal documents for broker and «Customs,, etc. Then we will guide you through the registration process with the DMV (SAAQ in Quebec) until registration is completed.

There are many many horror stories about importing vehicles from USA and other countries...  Our experience in that field will give you the piece of mind you are looking for and deserve.