Want to sell your "baby"?


We can certainly help you out!

Please fill in this INFORMATION SHEET and we will evaluate the marketing selling potential of your vehicle here, regionally or abroad.

Here’s why you should do business with our firm:


- You will not receive phone calls and emails from buyers;
- You will not waste your time with "no show" visitors;
- You will get rid of "tire kickers";
- You will have only serious buyers;
- You will avoid frauds and scammers;
- More than 100 vehicles sold and exported out of the country already ;
- Your vehicle will be seen by thousands of potential buyers when marketed in Canada and several thousands when marketed through US and Worldwide;
- You will obtain the best market price for your vehicle;
- Once sold if needed, we are able to take care of the following steps of the sale and reinsure the buyer (payment, customs, transport…)




If for some reason we didn't manage to sell your vehicle, we will give you the template and pictures of your vehicle so you can use them for potential buyers for at least 30 days.


How it works ?


The first step is to study the marketing potential for your vehicle on foreign markets. If this potential market is too far from your price expectation , we will not possibly be able to help you selling it. But if the «price is right», we will plan to meet with you.


Our fees & commissions:


Our fees to market your vehicle cover the trip to the vehicle location, pictures session if needed and listing it on the web (usual regional sites- clubs - forums), etc. are 150$ for Quebec City area and more for remote locations (price available upon request according to distance). This amount is not refundable but we will produce a receipt for your accounting. Price to list on eBay is to be discussed and may include daily follow-ups.

If we list an auction on eBay as and don't find a buyer on the first attempt, we can relist the vehicle as a BUY IT NOW PRICE a few days/weeks later for an extra 100$.

When we find the right buyer, our commission is 5% of the total amount (minimum of 1,500$ in the currency of the country where sold). We will negotiate with buyer fees to handle payment, transfer of property, brokerage, transport, if out of the country etc.


Your contribution:


- Initial fee 50.00$ as an account to open the file and work with you. This fee is deductible if your vehicle is sold.
- Fill the vehicle information sheet;
- Show us your certificate of registration/ownership;
- Provide to us all relevant information (no hidden facts)
   in order to represent the vehicle accurately


It’s a bargain to reach thousands of potential buyers around the globe for your vehicle!  NO Telephone calls late at night or on holidays, NO "no show" to wait for, NO tire kickers, NO test pilots, NO ridiculous offer, NO negociations!  Only the best offers and best market price and money in the bank before the vehicle leaves your driveway.